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HydraGel Client Size - 10ml - Pack of 10

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Soothe, replenish, and revitalise the skin with HydraGel. 

HydraGel is a super lightweight, aloe-vera based jelly that helps to repair and hydrate the skin after tattooing. HydraGel’s innovative formula consists of four all-natural ingredients: aloe vera, witch-hazel, lavender oil, and honeysuckle. These superstar components work together to repair the skin, prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and ease the itching sensation that occurs during the scabbing stage.

Apply a pea-sized amount of this miracle gel to the tattoo post-procedure. HydraGel will do the rest!

Who can use HydraGel?

Tattoo artists can apply HydraGel to the treated area immediately after a procedure to kick-start the skin’s recovery process.


Client Cleaning Process.

We recommend providing every client with a sample pot of HydraGel to use at home.


How to use at home:

– On the day of procedure, clean the tattoo with cotton wool and water roughly every half an hour. This will help to remove any dirt and excess fluid.

– In between each clean, apply a pea-sized amount of HydraGel to the tattoo. This will slowly be absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling strong, healthy, and hydrated.

Tube Size - 10ml

Pack Size - 10 Tubes

HydraGel Client Size - 10ml - Pack of 10
HydraGel Client Size - 10ml - Pack of 10 Precio de oferta$29.00