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Brow Bonder 5ml

Precio de oferta$18.00

The Buff Browz Brow bonder is a non-toxic adhesive which can be used for Brow Lamination.

Used for straightening and adhering the brow hairs into position to create the illusion of a full eyebrow.



Made in the UK

Brow Bonder 5ml
Brow Bonder 5ml Precio de oferta$18.00


Step by Step

Step 1 - Lift

First, wipe away any traces of makeup or excess oils then comb out the brows before applying a thin layer of LIFT to the brows. Applying from the root up avoiding the tips of the brow. Leave on the brows for an appropriate timing dependent on the hair type. PROCESSING TIME (approx) - 7 MINUTES. 

Keep an eye on the brows as timings may vary from client to client.

Step 2 - Set

Remove LIFT with a clean cotton pad. Then apply a small amount of SET to the brow and leave for the timing below. PROCESSING TIME (approx) - 7 MINUTES Keep an eye on the brows as timings may vary from client to client. Remove with a clean cotton pad. Comb out the brows gently, following the shape and natural direction of growth.

OPTIONAL Now tint and wax the brows to the clients desired shape. Finally, Apply NOURISH all over the brows and leave on for maximum results. Brush out the brows to create the perfect finish.

Step 3 - Nourish

AFTERCARE The Buff Browz lami lasts 4-6 weeks providing the correct after care is followed.

Do not apply make-up or receive any other eye treatment for at least 24hrs after your treatments.

Avoid rubbing the eye area.

Avoid getting the brows wet for 24 hrs including swimming and saunas Use a conditioner daily to maintain the health of your brows.

Brush brows into desired style.

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AMC Brows using Buff Lamination Kit

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