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Boo Beauty Bar - Pure Care Lash & Brow Lift - 1,2 & 3 Steps - 3x10 0.8ml Sachets

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      • Most mild raw-perming chemical
      • Vegan & Cruelty free
      • No damage on the hair
      • 3 year shelve life time
      • Cysteamine (free) based


      BOO- Pure Care Lash & Brow Lift Pack; cysteamine-free based.

      This pack contains:

      0.8mL x 10 sets of Lifting, Setting and Moisturizing.

      Our new lash / brow lifting system is 'cysteamine-free' based which is scientifically proven to have the lowest cytotoxicity, meaning it has the mildest raw perming chemicals. This is shown in the pharmaceutical report provided in the images.

      Cysteamine-free is well-known for not damaging hairs, so it is safe to be applied on the tips of the lashes.

      *Cysteamine-free is the name of a chemical, and is different to Cysteamine-HCL. It does NOT mean that it's free from cysteamine.

      3year  *Shelve Life-time with Unopened Condition
      Setting 3year *Shelve Life-time with Unopened Condition
      Moisturizing 3year *Shelve Life-time with Unopened Condition
      Maximizing 2.0 3year *Shelve Life-time with Unopened Condition

      Cysteamine-based lash lifting products are known for their gentle and effective nature. Here's why cysteamine-based lash lifting products are considered less damaging:

      1. Chemical Interaction: Cysteamine interacts with the disulfide bonds within the hair structure (including lashes). Unlike some other chemicals used in lash lifting, cysteamine has a milder action on these bonds. It breaks the disulfide bonds in a controlled and gentle manner, without causing excessive stress to the hair shaft.

      2. Mild Reducing Agent: Cysteamine is a mild reducing agent. It has a lower pH and is less aggressive compared to some other common reducing agents like ammonium thioglycolate. This mildness contributes to its ability to reshape the lashes without causing excessive damage or weakening the hair structure.

      3. Less Risk of Overprocessing: Overprocessing occurs when the disulfide bonds are broken down too extensively, leading to overly curled or weakened lashes. Cysteamine's controlled action reduces the risk of overprocessing, which can result in a more natural and subtle lift without compromising lash health.

      4. Minimal Swelling: Some chemicals can cause the hair shaft to swell during the lifting process. Cysteamine-based products generally cause less swelling, ensuring that the lashes maintain their natural strength and flexibility.

      5. Preservation of Lash Integrity: Cysteamine-based products prioritize the preservation of the lash's overall integrity. The gentler action of cysteamine allows the bonds to be reformed in a way that supports the lash's original structure while achieving the desired lift.

      6. Nourishing Properties: Some cysteamine-based products are formulated with nourishing ingredients that help support lash health during and after the lifting process. These ingredients can provide hydration and conditioning benefits to keep the lashes looking and feeling healthy.

      7. Compatibility with Sensitive Clients: Cysteamine-based products are often favoured for clients with sensitive skin or eyes due to their reduced potential for irritation.

      *Download ingredients list here

      Boo Beauty Bar - Pure Care Lash & Brow Lift - 1,2 & 3 Steps - 3x10 0.8ml Sachets
      Boo Beauty Bar - Pure Care Lash & Brow Lift - 1,2 & 3 Steps - 3x10 0.8ml Sachets Sale price$80.00