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Ruthie Belle - Powder Lift - 5g

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Powder Lift: Experience the future of lash lifting!

Achieve flawless, efficient lash lift treatments with Powder Lift, created in collaboration with Lash Mother Uli @lashmother.uli, the most influential lash lift guru. This innovative powder is designed to elevate your lash game by simplifying and enhancing the lash lifting process.

Dual Purpose Innovation

  • Glueless Lash Lifting: Powder Lift can be used with cysteamine-based lash lift lotions to perform glueless lash lifts, eliminating the need for lash lift glues.
  • Thicker Lotions: Thicken any brand's runny lash lift lotions to prevent them from seeping into your clients' eyes, ensuring safer treatments.



    • Simplified Separation: The most challenging part of a lash lift is separating the lashes before applying lifting lotion. However, with Powder Lift, the lash placement and separation occur during the fixing lotion phase, when the lashes are soft like cooked spaghetti, making the most difficult part, the separation, noticeably easier.

      Lashes Stay Put: Powder Lift prevents lashes from popping off the shields, a common issue when removing lifting lotion.

      Faster Processing Times: Since there is no glue barrier, Powder Lift reduces the lotions' processing times.

      Even Results: The results are more even throughout the lash line.


    Glueless Lifting:

    Add 40-50% Powder Lift compared to the lifting lotion amount. Mix until you achieve a scrub-like consistency. Adjust the amount based on the coarseness of your client's lashes. 

    Add about 30% Powder Lift compared to the fixing lotion amount. Mix thoroughly. If the lashes don't adhere to the shields, add more Powder Lift. If the blend is too thick, add more lotion.

    Thickening Lash Lift Lotions:

    Add about 20% Powder Lift compared to any lash lift lotion amount. Mix until you reach the desired thickness. Use it with any lash lift brand worldwide.



    Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Sodium Hyaluronate

    Ruthie Belle - Powder Lift - 5g
    Ruthie Belle - Powder Lift - 5g Sale price$30.00