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Ruthie Belle - After Lift Neutralizing Foam - 60ml

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When you apply After Lift Neutralizing Foam as the final step of the lash lift, this light-yet-powerful foam immediately works, sealing the lash cuticles to keep them impervious to water. Dirt and oil are washed away clean, and this soft, pillowy foam neutralizes any residual lash lift product.

Instead of being stuck together and caked in product, natural lashes are immaculately clean and can be easily separated for an attractive, wide-eyed look. And if your client is looking to add lash extensions After Lift Neutralizing Foam is the perfect bridge product between treatments!



    • Helps to remove newly lifted lashes from silicone rods gently
    • Light, foamy texture dissolves dirt and oil while neutralizing residual Lash Lift product
    • Tightly closes lash cuticles post-lift so they won't be negatively affected by moisture
    • Easily separates stuck-together lashes for a polished, wide-eyed look
    • It can be used as a go-between cleanser: post lash lift and before applying extensions
    • Compatible with all lash lift brands
    • It can be used on brows, too!




    aqua, glycerin, polysorbate 20, sodium laureth sulfate, coco glucoside, glyceryl oleate, chamomilla recutita flower extract, panthenol, allantoin, tocopherol, betaine, disodium cocoyl glutamate, polyglyceryl 3 caprate, citric acid, sodium pca, ethylhexylglycerin, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol.

    Ruthie Belle - After Lift Neutralizing Foam - 60ml
    Ruthie Belle - After Lift Neutralizing Foam - 60ml Sale price$26.00