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Elleebana - Elleeplex Regen 20ml

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ProFusion Elleeplex ReGEN 2.0 – The Art of Healthy Lash Lift in a 20ml tube.

Is an essential step post lash lifting/ brow lamination to re-inject moisture, nourishment and health back into the lashes and eyebrow hairs. Chemical treatment can itself be drying; just 3 minutes of ReGen 'bath' will transform hairs to become flexible and even healthier than before the lash lifting or brow lamination process process. 

Clinical studies show that ReGen:
Strengthens chemically treated hair by up to 21%
Improves elasticity of the hair by up to 18%

A bit more about this wonder product:

ReGEN has been highly popular in the lash lifting industry as it offers a conditioning, moisture-boosting, hair strengthening effect AND has been formulated to be combined within the service to save salons time.

Elleeplex ReGEN can be used on it's own post a service for 3 minutes or be combined in a multitude of ways:

  • DURING A LASH LAMINATION – combine ReGEN with the setting lotion.  This locks the moisture into the hair shaft in an infusion step to relieve hair stress and eliminate dryness caused from hair styling.  Combine this with a ratio of 8 parts setting lotion to 1 part ReGEN Next Gen – or
  • DURING A LASH TINT – combine ReGEN with the Elleeplex Profusion Lash Tint system with a ratio of 4 parts tint, 4 parts oxidant, 1 part ReGEN Next Gen – or
  • DURING A BROW LAMINATION  –  combine ReGEN with the setting lotion.  Combine this with a ration of 8 parts setting lotion to 1 part REGEN Next Gen – or
  • DURING A BROW TINT – if you have combined ReGEN into the setting lotion during a brow lamination, you wouldn’t combine it again into the tint step but its good to remember that many clients will return at 3 – 4 weeks for a shape and tint after their brow lamination and this is a brilliant boost of hydration back into the brows after the initial brow lamination service – or
  • AS A STANDALONE SERVICE – this can be a great upsell to any in-salon service as it is a plant-based cohesive solution that is soy amino acid-based packed with carefully selected essential fatty acids and flower extracts designed to mimic the functional ratios in commercial human hair amino acids – or
  • AFTER LASH EXTENSIONS REMOVAL – offer the return of moisture to lashes after a removal of lash extensions application to promote hair growth and offer nourishment and care to the lashes.

This is one product all lash and brow artists do absolutely need, your clients will thank you for it!  

Elleebana - Elleeplex Regen 20ml
Elleebana - Elleeplex Regen 20ml Precio de oferta$46.00