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Graphite - Brow & Lash Tint - 15ml

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Perfect your client's natural eyebrows by using the Buff Browz Tint to increase the shade of the hair and leave a subtle stain on the skin to increase the density and carve the eyebrows. Our beautifully composed tint will condition your client's hair and will make the hair appear healthier by adding shine. The usage of our tint can be tailored and adjusted in order to achieve a subtle finish or a more dramatic result. 1:1 ratio can be used with our 3% developers 
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance-Free
  • Vegan 
  • Ethically Source
Available in 5 colours 
Light Brown
Dark Brown 
Blue Black 

Graphite - Brow & Lash Tint - 15ml
Graphite - Brow & Lash Tint - 15ml Prix de vente$10.00


Step by Step

Step 1 - Consultation & Ratios

Complete a consultation with your client and assess which colour tint would be best suited to them. 

Follow our colour tinting guide below! 

50:50 Light Brown and Dark Brown for a rich Medium Brown

90:10 Dark Brown and Black for a deep Chocolate Brown

50:50 Light Brown and Graphite for an ashy Light Brown

50:50 Black and Blue Black for a deep Midnight Black which is perfect for Lash Tinting

Step 2 - Mix

Find yourself something to mix your tint in! We love using The Siena Tint Ring from Bella Beauty or The Omnii Oasis Tint Ratio Tile. A dappen dish also works perfectly! 

Add your tint and developer using equal parts and mix well until it is smooth with minimal to no lumps. 

Step 3 - Application

Apply your tint evenly using a Brush, Eco Tool or Lipstick wand. 

Clean up any tint surrounding the brow which may affect the final shape of the brow. Follow our messy tint and precision tint tips below!

MESSY TINT: Best for a fluffier and softer result. Simply brush your creamy tint into the hairs with a silicone spooly. Use a cotton bud to carve around the brows to remove any excess and continue to brush through the hairs to ensure a thorough application.

PRECISION TINT: Best for a sharp and more defined brow. You can Pre Draw the eyebrows using the Definer Pen and use preferred Brushes I or II to STAMP the tint into the hairs for ultimate precision. You may want to apply the tint later to the front of the eyebrows to achieve an ombre effect, or remove it sooner at the front… whatever suits you best!

Step 4 - Timings

Leave to develop for up to 10 minutes depending on how deep your client wants the hair. 10 minutes will provide the deepest shade.

If brows have been laminated, for fine brows leave the tint on for 3 mins; normal brows 4 mins; and coarse brows 5 mins.

Remove the tint with a damp cotton pad to stop the developing process. If you want to achieve a stain on the skin to create a more defined shape and to make the brows appear fuller, you are best off opting for a lighter shade of tint and leaving it on for longer.

A darker shade couldn’t be left on the skin for too long without creating a shade that is far too dark; you lose control. If you are looking to create a stain, we would recommend using a precision tint application.

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